Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Obama will be remembered

In his last days in office, Obama tried то leave as much crap as possible, for the new American administration.

Just hours before leaving office Friday, former President Barack Obama quietly sent $220 million to the Palestinian Authority that GOP members of Congress had been blocking.

It is not a secret, that part of this money will be paid to reward the families of terrorists who were killed or are in Israeli prisons. Obama and Hillary not only did not try to fight with the Muslim terrorism, but supported it quietly all around the world. To destroy other countries. We all seen on TV buses leaving Aleppo in the final days of liberation from armed groups, but nobody told us that this was literally thousands of mercenaries from other countries. They left behind an incredible number of the latest weapons, which surprised even Russians.You can make a guess from where the money and arms have come from.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Another killing for the sake of Islam in the 21st century

Governments also are covering up hundreds of incidents with body harms to many people working with asylum seekers.

At least six people were injured in a stabbing and an arson attack on a train in Switzerland on Saturday, some of them seriously.
A 27-year-old Islamist, carried out the attack on a train travelling in Switzerland’s far east. He set fire to a carriage with dozens of people aboard before beginning a stabbing spree.

Unfortunately, he was not eliminated by the local police.

Governments in Europe are so scared by unfolding attacks in their countries, that they are putting all effort not to connect these deadly attacks by Muslims in Europe with Islamofascism. German newspapers wrote that "motive for the attack remains unclear" and that there is "no evidence of an act of terrorism".

What, exactly, is unclear? 
Motive in all attacks is pretty clear for any person - this is a hate of Islamofascists to Westerners, and any mass killing of innocent people on the streets of a country without a war is a terror attack.

Western Governments are taking own citizens for idiots. And indeed, many of them are, and believe what papers are saying. Governments also are covering up hundreds of incidents with body harms to many people working with asylum seekers - social workers, doctors, lawyers. 
But for how long will they manage to do this?